Sunday, December 27, 2015


J is doing exceptionally well at his new school in the UK.  I moved back to the UK at the end of October.  Saying goodbye to our animals, home, friends and family was impossibly hard, I think I created a bubble around me to deal with it all.

On my return to Mallorca in September Ruffa-Roo was visibly ill.  He'd lost weight in the 3 weeks I'd been away and he had lumps under his skin.  I took him to the vet and almost immediately had to have him put to sleep.  A biopsy taken, whilst I was away, showed he had very late stage cancer.  He was beginning to have problems with his breathing and I decided not to make him suffer anymore - chemo was not an option - I saw what it did to C.  No more suffering. 

With an unbelievably awful year behind us, both J and I are now trying to move on with our lives.  It is very hard to know what direction to go in at the moment, but I am sure that will come in time, hopefully sooner rather than later. 

We both miss Mallorca very much and our life there, but onwards and upwards is the only way to go.  

Thank you to all those that read this blog over the recent years.  It will still be left here for now and you never know, perhaps added to again in the future.

Goodbye and always believe anything is possible, even if it only lasts a little while. xx

Saturday, September 19, 2015

CRUEL BLOW, RUNNING AWAY & TURKEYS (written 30 July 2015)

(This post was initially written on the 30th July, but I have only just remembered to post it).

Life has dealt a cruel blow to us recently.  On the 28th June 2015, after a very courageous and tough battle with cancer, C died.


We feel lost even though we have goals to reach, life is about to change dramatically.  We are moving on, although we haven't a definite date yet, but hoping by the end of the year.  J is off to school in the UK and I am sorting and organising as much as I can at the moment so I can follow him over as soon as possible.

J is coping amazingly and apparently so am I, many of my friends have been telling me how strong they think I am.  I have to say that I don't feel it most of the time at the moment.  I would love to run away, but I have too many responsibilities.

The Ruffa Roo and Rex are both fine, although Rex seems to be having a few problems with one of his legs, which he damaged in an accident many years ago - he's getting on a bit now.

I never managed to plant any more veggies, so the land lies fallow for now.  The pool is good at the moment.  We've currently got pears and the figs are ripening.  Shame I don't like figs.  I will have to pass them onto friends and family this year.  I have no time to make fig jam!  

The weather has been exceptionally hot this year, the humidity high, which makes it feel even hotter, everyone is suffering. It is fine if you are on holiday, but when you live here, work and lead a normal life, it's a big struggle to find the energy to keep moving and not flop into a pool or the sea somewhere!

We had some turkeys again.  3 in total, that I bought back in February/March time.  Two black and a white one, they are Mallorquin turkeys - locally known as 'Indiots'.  They are smaller than the usual big white birds we get in the UK etc.  Sadly, the white one escaped and Ruffa ate it!! Horrible - white feathers everywhere! Luckily for me I wasn't here, but sadly for my Mum, she was! She arrived at the finca to find millions of white feathers everywhere - but no turkey - nothing!  Today one of the black turkey's escaped, Ruffa got it again, however, it managed to escape from him and is safely back in it's pen! Turkey's are not the most intelligent animals I'm sure.  He is injured, but I cannot catch him to examine him to see how bad he is.  Perhaps he'll be ok, here's hoping.  I will try to get him tomorrow.

We still have hens producing lovely eggs, I am about to give the turkeys and the hens away to someone, I need to concentrate on getting things organised for the UK.

I am trying to work out how to keep our Ruffa Roo, and get him to the UK.  At the moment it isn't looking too positive, but I won't give up until the last.  I have had an offer of him staying here where he lives at the moment, but if he can come with us, he will, he's my lovely boy, after J of course, even if he does have a taste for live turkey!! 

The cats are as ever carrying on their semi-wild lives out the back of the finca.  There have been many deaths and many births and lots of funny moments in-between.  

This blog will probably stop by the end of the year, but we will see what happens and for now I will try to update when I can.  Once this one stops perhaps I will start another one, about moving back to the UK!!!! 

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Well, another year, HAPPY 2015 EVERYONE.  
It has been a bit of time since writing.  

This winter has been particularly cold (unlike last year).  We haven't had any snow down on the ground in Sa Pobla, although I know there has been some in other parts of the island.  The mountains had LOADS of snow dumped on them, and the chill winds blow freezing air off them down to our town! brrrrrrrrrrr!!

PUIG DE MASANELLA (Mallorca's second highest mountain)

Puig de Masanella (Puig means 'hill' in Catalan - although technically this is a mountain!)

Puig de Masanella
These photos were taken from near our finca in Sa Pobla.  A beautiful sight on a cold but glorious sunny day.  

On to the animals... The hens are all grown up and laying well.  Our cockerel is growing enormous but luckily is still friendly.  I haven't heard him crow very well yet, but I have heard him trying, which seems to be a strange mix of a gurgle/strangling sound and a yodle!  The dogs are fine except Ruffa Roo seems rather sick today - no food for him tonight and we will see how he is in the morning.

We still have no vegetables growing, we will see what the next few weeks brings.
Hope to post again very soon.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


December 2014 was a particularly AWFUL month.  After C being away from us for 10 months he arrived home just before J's birthday at the end of November.  C was very thin!  During December we had to cope with my aunt having a heart attack and surgery (which she is recovering well from - a positive thing), then C was diagnosed with cancer - such a shock!  To top off the month a close farming friend died (only 40 years old), he will be very sadly missed by us all.

The medical profession jumped into gear very quickly here and C has now completed the first chemo cycle! extremely nasty stuff.  Second round - 9th of January - HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We are fighting it and hope to bash the hell out of it, we are raising funds to keep us going day to day and medically - isn't life bizarre!

So, to the finca.   Finally the cold has come and the trees have lost their leaves, some of the vines and fig trees (and I dare say other plants) began growing new bright green leaves as November was particularly warm!  Snow covered the peak of Puig Major (the tallest mountain in Mallorca, standing at 1,445m in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range) for the last couple of days but Sa Pobla hasn't had any so far.  It isn't usual for us to get any, we lie in the Pla (plains) which are flat and the damp often hangs upon us like a soggy blanket in the winter! it's heaven when the sun comes out, like today - bright, sunny and cold, but crisp not damp.

Sunrise over the fields

The hens are doing great.  We now have 7 whizzing about the coop with a young cockerel who is enormous already.  His wing feathers sick out at angles! I need to check them and make sure they aren't deformed! He has only one long tail feather, I am hoping he will grow more.  So far, he is a lot more tame than our last one!! Long may that last.  Eggs are plentiful, even in the colder weather which is wonderful.

The dogs are great, Rex is getting much older and seems rather like an old bloke, but then suddenly bursts into a run across the yard barking warnings to the cats to get out of the way of the car.  Ruffa (our boxer) always looks to Rex for guidance and often doesn't bark until he sees one of us or Rex says it's ok to do so. 

We still have no veggies in the vegetable plot.  It is more than ready to receive but unfortunately there is no time for the moment.  I would love some broccoli/carrots etc etc in there.  We will just have to wait.

All the cats that live outside seem to be fairing well.  Several of them have had colds, but have got over them quite quickly.  Puss (who lives indoors - much to the horror of C) also now has a cold, but he is snuggled up near the fire at the moment, so he'll probably recover quite quickly.  We have had to put him back on kitten food as his stomach is so sensitive, adult cat food seems to upset him horribly!! No details required!

Well, as soon as I have any recent pictures to post I will put them up.


Saturday, November 1, 2014


It is now November.  The clocks have gone back, Halloween has just passed us and the nights are drawing in making me ready for hibernation!

We currently have a small, prickly visitor to our cat food bowl out the back, I had to remove him as the cats were hungry the other night.

After removing him/her from the bowl, it scurried off so fast, I missed where it went! 

The new hens and chicks are doing really well.  One of the new hens is laying now.  Very small white eggs, with each one she lays they are getting slightly bigger.

The one on the left is from one of our older hens.  The white one is the first one our new white hen laid.
I need to get out and try to do a little weeding if I can this weekend.  With such warm weather and the odd storm, the weeds are springing up all over the place.  

The nights have a definite autumnal feel about them now and the house feels very chilly so it could be about time to start lighting the fire for the evenings.  Cosy.

Having said that, during the day it is wonderful on the beach if it isn't too windy.  People are still going into the sea, although I'm not brave enough now - bit chilly for me without a wetsuit.

I leave you with a few extra photos of the past week.

The chicks up on their balcony.  I have a big tarpaulin over part of their pen now, in case of rain!!

Saying hello to the chicks

Chicks investigating their new temporary home (when they are bigger they will go in with the other hens)

The new tarpaulin on the roof of the hen house.  I am amazed the house is still standing actually!

The bougainvillea is still looking good - it will be cut back this winter. 

The chicks enjoying their run.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Today we added to our dwindling flock of hens.  We went to Sa Pobla market, where there is always a chap named Rafael who sells hens, pigeons, cage birds, guinea fowl, turkeys, guinea pigs and rabbits.  His farm is in Ariany which is about a 20 minute drive from us here in Sa Pobla, but I usually wait till market day to buy from him.  I was only going to buy one hen today, as I was expecting them to be quite expensive (it's been a while since I bought any new ones).  It turned out they were much cheaper than I thought, so I bought two hens at point-of-lay and 3 pullets, 2 female and one male.  I'm not really sure how you tell whether they are male or female at such a young age but Rafael seemed to know.

So I quickly put the makeshift pen together for the pullets as they are still a bit small for the bigger hens - they could be damaged by pecking hierarchy! I call the makeshift pen our 'patchwork coop'!  I just used what I could find around our small farm.

Here are a few photos.

The new hens & pullets

Checking out the hen house!

Admiring her new surroundings!
The crazy, make-shift mini coop

Jess making sure I tidy up!
As I am writing this, even though during the day it is still like summer with temperatures topping 29 - 31 degrees C, I can see, looking out of my window, that the sun is already disappearing and it is only 18:10 in the afternoon/evening.  So Autumn is here, but you wouldn't guess it during the main part of the day - which is wonderful as it means extra beach days.  I will just leave you all with that thought.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Yesterday afternoon, brought a huge downpour which almost flooded us! Luckily it stopped before I had to bail, and I had no idea where my Wellington boots were!

Before the storm hit us, I took a group of photos as the clouds were amazing.  I tried to get a shot of the lightening but missed it each time - darn it!

Even the big rotten palm tree bowed what is left of it's trunk!
Today the sun is out again, for now.

Monday, September 29, 2014


Another long gap since I wrote anything.  Life has been somewhat hectic of late and the uncharacteristic weather from this summer has contributed, along with work constraints and visits to the UK, to the craziness of life.  

I am sad to say that our final original hen has passed away.  I found her stiff as a board in the hen house on Friday afternoon. I've no idea what she died of, she was not showing any signs of obvious disease. Now I am left with 3 hens who only lay when they feel like it! so rather a shortage of eggs at the moment.  I will probably need to buy a few more hens to get the egg supply going again.  I loathe buying them from the supermarket.

A whole day of rain yesterday - which was good for the land, but dark and dismal for me - means that the earth is soft for planting.  However, I am not sure I have the time on my hands to plant anything this week - we shall see.  I could do with cauliflowers, broccoli and cabbage.

The pool turned emerald green the other week and I couldn't get it back to its wonderful blue colour, so we've emptied it and we'll start again.  

Puss-cat is sleeping in a little more, especially over the last couple of days, he isn't keen on rain!

Puss, having a snooze and chilling out
 As the Autumn is upon us, when it isn't overcast and grey, we are having chilly evening sunsets, some of them are beautiful but I haven't caught a great one yet.

When the skies aren't overcast we are having wonderful Autumn sunsets

 J and I went snorkelling up at La Victoria - there is always lots to see there.  Sea urchins, octopus, lots of different fish, crabs etc.  I don't think we'll be going again this year unless we have another hot spell, but that's doubtful.

A dead sea urchin collected on our final snorkelling trip of the season at La Victoria near Alcudia.
 The farmers are harvesting their corn at the moment and I watched as they gathered it up in the next door field.  Their corn is used for animal fodder.  After the harvest, the field lies bare with only the short stems remaining and we can see over to the poligono (industrial estate) across the fields.
Jess, keeping me company as I watch the harvesting of the corn next door.

Harvest time - this corn is used for animal fodder.

Ruffa Roo waiting for the huge combine to reap the corn

The cloud builds, on a walk with Ruffa in Sa Pobla

Friday, August 8, 2014


A very hot and humid day today, but this evening was wonderful and the humidity seemed to drift away, a little, as a cooler breeze blew in from the North.  

A quick dip in the pool cooled us down - with a few shandy's thrown in!

Not a lot happening at the moment.  More figs are ripening - may try to do more jam.  The grapes are almost ready for picking, but don't taste as sweet as usual!

Will post soon on the fruit situation.

It's Friday again - yippeee.


Friday, August 1, 2014


I am happy to report that the jam tasting went down a storm yesterday afternoon.  Not too sweet with hints of spices - and it actually set - hooray.  Perhaps I will try to make jam again but this time without burning myself!

It's a hot day today here in Sa Pobla but with a breeze blowing through.  This year's summer weather has been rather strange.  Normally here in July we get very little cloud with usual blue sky days, but this year we've had a lot of cloud and even a little rain (although negligible) on the odd occasion. The hours between 3am and 6am are usually the coolest here, especially when the farmer next door puts on the watering system (mangueras), which makes a racket splashing against the tall maize stems & leaves.  However, we are now used to this noise and generally sleep through it.

Happy Friday everyone.  Enjoy the weekend.