Saturday, September 19, 2015

CRUEL BLOW, RUNNING AWAY & TURKEYS (written 30 July 2015)

(This post was initially written on the 30th July, but I have only just remembered to post it).

Life has dealt a cruel blow to us recently.  On the 28th June 2015, after a very courageous and tough battle with cancer, C died.


We feel lost even though we have goals to reach, life is about to change dramatically.  We are moving on, although we haven't a definite date yet, but hoping by the end of the year.  J is off to school in the UK and I am sorting and organising as much as I can at the moment so I can follow him over as soon as possible.

J is coping amazingly and apparently so am I, many of my friends have been telling me how strong they think I am.  I have to say that I don't feel it most of the time at the moment.  I would love to run away, but I have too many responsibilities.

The Ruffa Roo and Rex are both fine, although Rex seems to be having a few problems with one of his legs, which he damaged in an accident many years ago - he's getting on a bit now.

I never managed to plant any more veggies, so the land lies fallow for now.  The pool is good at the moment.  We've currently got pears and the figs are ripening.  Shame I don't like figs.  I will have to pass them onto friends and family this year.  I have no time to make fig jam!  

The weather has been exceptionally hot this year, the humidity high, which makes it feel even hotter, everyone is suffering. It is fine if you are on holiday, but when you live here, work and lead a normal life, it's a big struggle to find the energy to keep moving and not flop into a pool or the sea somewhere!

We had some turkeys again.  3 in total, that I bought back in February/March time.  Two black and a white one, they are Mallorquin turkeys - locally known as 'Indiots'.  They are smaller than the usual big white birds we get in the UK etc.  Sadly, the white one escaped and Ruffa ate it!! Horrible - white feathers everywhere! Luckily for me I wasn't here, but sadly for my Mum, she was! She arrived at the finca to find millions of white feathers everywhere - but no turkey - nothing!  Today one of the black turkey's escaped, Ruffa got it again, however, it managed to escape from him and is safely back in it's pen! Turkey's are not the most intelligent animals I'm sure.  He is injured, but I cannot catch him to examine him to see how bad he is.  Perhaps he'll be ok, here's hoping.  I will try to get him tomorrow.

We still have hens producing lovely eggs, I am about to give the turkeys and the hens away to someone, I need to concentrate on getting things organised for the UK.

I am trying to work out how to keep our Ruffa Roo, and get him to the UK.  At the moment it isn't looking too positive, but I won't give up until the last.  I have had an offer of him staying here where he lives at the moment, but if he can come with us, he will, he's my lovely boy, after J of course, even if he does have a taste for live turkey!! 

The cats are as ever carrying on their semi-wild lives out the back of the finca.  There have been many deaths and many births and lots of funny moments in-between.  

This blog will probably stop by the end of the year, but we will see what happens and for now I will try to update when I can.  Once this one stops perhaps I will start another one, about moving back to the UK!!!! 

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