Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This morning the turkeys are worse! They are fine in themselves, eating like crazy, drinking and seem quite happy, but their avian pox is looking horrible.  I spoke with a vet and did some research online, we just have to let the virus take it's course.  

Here in Mallorca you can buy veterinary products over the counter at a pharmacy, which is always useful.  I have got some supplements for them to see if I can boost their immune systems and get rid of the virus quicker.  I just add a little to their water every day.

The chickens are doing great and I have just begun building a secondary (small) portable coop.  This will be for quarantined birds/sick birds etc.  But the main reason for it is that we are about to add to our chicken flock and need a place to quarantine the new hens when they arrive.  Because they are from a different flock they could be carrying some nasty viruses or diseases, so we quarantine for about a month to keep an eye on them.  It may take me a while to build the thing though!!

Today the orange blossom on two of our trees has opened up and the smell on the wind is amazing.  Such a powerful blossom.

We only have two orange trees that blossom now in September/October, but the others already have a good crop of oranges growing ready for December - delicious.  The mandarins look better this season also, last seasons crop was very poor!  They are all still green, they won't turn orange for another two months I expect!

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