Thursday, December 13, 2012


This morning was really chilly when I ventured out at 7.30am.  The cockerel was crowing like mad but I decided to feed Humphrina the turkey as she is now all alone...

Once I had finished my little chat with her and made sure she had everything she needed I strolled up to the chicken coop to see what all the fuss was about.  

Humphrina taking a stroll at sunset before roosting

When I opened the gate and walked in, there, on the ground was a perfectly formed, if not a little small, egg.  Yippeeee, they have finally started laying.  Although I really wish they had done it in the nest boxes C so lovingly made for them.  I am so happy.  I fed them and ran back to the house to show J and C my find.  They were also very happy, so now we can stop buying so many eggs from the supermarkets.

Our first chicken egg - hooray.

Whilst I was out on an airport run this afternoon, C sent me a text to say that he'd found another two eggs beside the hen house but that their shells had broken and were very thin! oh dear.  He got rid of them quickly as we don't want the hens to get a taste for them!  We will have to keep a very watchful eye on the laying status of the girls.

Not much else to report today.

 The chickens and roo at sunset this evening

Sunset over the potato fields and town with the mountains in the distance.

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