Sunday, December 23, 2012


The hens continue to lay, sporadically.  Today I have given them some natural yoghurt and the ends of the broccoli and carrots but they turned their beaks up at it all and strolled to the other end of the coop! hurumph!! I decided to leave and go back later to see if they have tried the yoghurt.  Apparently it is good for their digestion etc. and they ARE supposed to love it.

Yesterday, I noticed that the Corsican was limping. Could I catch him? NO!! what a fiasco.  I was totally prepared to catch him and inspect whatever problem he has, I had rubber gloves, warm boiled water, cotton wool and a towel to wrap him in so he felt protected etc, but no, he wouldn't have any of it.  It felt like a Benny Hill chase sketch! I gave up wondering how to tackle this problem and decided to sleep on it. He seems perfectly normal otherwise and he is eating very well.  Perhaps I will wait till they go to roost tonight and get him then.

During a moment of boredom, on J's part, I suggested that he make some quill pens and try them out with some inks I have.  He and C sat down and occupied themselves for about an hour, making the pens out of one cockerel feather and some very large turkey feathers.  It wasn't done correctly but it worked none the less. (No photos of this at the moment).

Another wonderful egg today, yippeeee.  Being a Monday tomorrow, we went to the supermarket today to get a few final necessities for over the Christmas period. Every Monday here in Sa Pobla most of the shops are closed, this is because we have our weekly market on a Sunday, so everything  is open on Sunday until about 1pm (13h) and is closed on Monday.  Of course we had to buy eggs as the hens are not producing enough for us at the moment.  Vino was another - very important - thing on the list.

Last night mum had a gathering at her house, there was enormous amounts of delicious food, even some of the local guests bought food & wine with them, incredible.  J was doorman as he was youngest and actually the only child there until much later.  He did brilliantly and conversed in Catalan to each guest that came through the door.
J stayed the night but went to bed very late, C decided to walk back to the finca at about 11.30pm because the animals would need attending to early this morning.  I stayed with J as it was just an easier option! It was lovely to have mulled wine and not have to drive anywhere.

We got up early-ish! had breakfast and went to pick up C from the house and then drove to Pollenca, where on a Sunday morning, they also have their weekly market.  We chose to go here today as one of our farmer neighbours has his vegetable stall there and the veggies are great.  So we got lots for Christmas, bought some sweets for J from another stall and headed home.

So tomorrow is Christmas Eve, what will another day bring?

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