Saturday, January 12, 2013


Tonight in Sa Pobla, we have what is known locally as a correfoc - it translates to 'running with fire'.  Each year on the 17th January we celebrate Saint Anthony, or Sant Antoni as is pronounced here in Mallorca.  Many people dress up as devils/demons and various activities are put on and are associated with the fiesta, which can last about a week, with music, fireworks, running, food - always food, drums, traditional dress, caparrots (people wear extra large heads and do a dance called the Ball de Caparrots), art exhibitions, concerts, traditional songs and ximbombas.

Tonight is the correfoc which begins at midnight.  We will be going for supper at mum's for about 8pm.  Thankfully jacket spuds and not the main traditional food for this fiesta - eels! which personally I have never been able to even try!! But they rage about it here.  There are other delicacies also, various pies with or without eel and a great deal of tapas.

The correfoc is exciting.  Big devils banging drums with lit drumsticks appear from a red cloud of smoke from the town hall, the town hall looks as if it is alight.  The drums are very loud and booming.  Many devils appear and light fireworks and run with fireworks in their hands trying to scare people.  It is a very traditional ceremony, I hope to post some photos in  the next few days! if I manage to get any.

Before we go out tonight, C is popping down to one of the local farms to help out with some work.  We have had a busy day already, so I am going to have a rest before we whizz off for supper.  We have had 1 ton of logs delivered today, so we can keep the fire going through the day as well.  We are getting rather a lot of damp/mould going on in the house and need to dry it out more, especially as I have begun getting a nasty allergy to it! cough, cough!!

I changed the water with the olives again (nearly forgot), the hens haven't laid today and have been very vocal, so not sure what is going on there!

I finished papier mache-ing 20 little demons for my art class on Tuesday, so they are ready for the kids to paint, then they will have them ready for Sant Antoni.  All the kids here in Sa Pobla have the day off on the 17th January, normally.  I believe this is happening again this year, I guess I should check, otherwise J will end up being the only one there next week on Thursday!!

Sorry, no photos today, hopefully a lot more over the coming week.


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