Thursday, February 7, 2013


Yesterday the wind got up again and was so strong I thought we'd get blown away! 

I stood in the doorway of the house waving C and J off to school this morning, C shouted back that the hen house doors had been blown open!  I tiptoed up through the muddy vegetable plot, past the suffering lettuces, cauliflowers and cabbages, in my crocs and pyjamas, to secure the doors.  I realised at that point that the nest box doors had also come open and the wooden posts supporting the boxes outside had come loose! eeeek! Our chicken house seems to be collapsing!

I went back to make a cuppa and throw on some clothes.  Heard big rumbles of thunder!  Had some toast, C got back to the finca and had brekky also.  I donned my big waterproof coat and headed for the wheelbarrow.  I pumped up the tyre (its old and needs a new one) and headed for the hen house.

Of course the heavens decided to open just as I was cleaning out the chickens.  We seem to be getting a lot of hail and sleet this morning.  It is very chilly, wet and gloomy, not a nice day in my book.  I wonder how the mountains are, have they got lots of snow on them? It is thick black cloud over them at the moment so who knows!

I put clean bedding down for the chickens and secured the doors - job done.  I had just got inside when the hail really came down.  Hail the size of large peas! Everything was white but a bit slushy for a few minutes.  I need to walk Ruffa this morning but I am not sure he is going to be too happy walking in this weather.  However, sitting here at the computer writing this, I can hear all the birds singing loudly, so perhaps it has improved.

Hail on the sunbed! This is the bed Ruffa uses when it's a bit drier!

Our dwindling log pile.  We will have to order another ton soon.

Views from Ruffa's walk yesterday.

Another view from our walk.  It was a lovely sunny day, but with a very chilly wind coming down off the mountains.

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