Saturday, February 23, 2013


It has been quite a busy week and although the weather has been good recently it is all change this weekend.  Apparently we are in for snow! On the mountains anyway.  Sa Pobla is quite flat and at low level so it is not common to  get snow down here.

During the week C made a new temporary roof for the hen house.  A couple of the hens have been flapping up on top of it and have broken through!  C used palm fronds that have been pruned off the trees recently and with a sheet of plastic over the top it seems to be keeping the weather out.

Temporary roof whilst we get some different materials together

The hens are still laying and this week we had a couple of whopper eggs (they must be double yolkers).

The cockerel is pushing his luck!! As I entered the coop a few days ago, he attacked me.  GREAT! One bruised leg later, I am considering how to cook him!  We are now entering the coop with a bamboo stick to keep him at bay, but if it continues we will have to get rid of him.  We can't risk him hurting J or any of the other kids that come round here.  So WATCH IT ROOSTER.

C & I went over to the farm next door to speak with the guy there about which plants to plant in next.  We said we would come by on Saturday (today) to take some.  Whilst we were there he was shaking his head and mumbling in Mallorquin about pigeons eating all his seeds in the poly tunnel.  He beckoned C & I in and asked us to help him get them out! It was comical to say the least.  We spent about 10 minutes flapping our arms and running about - trying not to flatten any seedlings or the delicate water system.  Eventually they all escaped through the door and the farmer went about patching some of the holes where the birds were getting in.

The same farm grows and sells a special type of rice.  They have huge bags of left over rice husks, I have no idea what they can be used for, but I thought I'd research that and see if I can get some from them.

Large bags of rice husks, with Llam sitting on top

We are expecting snow, as I mentioned above, so it is possible we won't collect any plants today.  We already have cauliflowers/cabbages and brussels growing, but they are not growing well, so we'll get some more to plant in and see how they grow.

Yesterday was LEMON CURD day in our household.  I have never made it before and actually haven't eaten it since I was a kid.  It was actually so simple to do, I couldn't believe I'd never made it before.  So armed with some lemons from a friends tree I managed to make 3 jars of it, one of which will go to mum later today.

Lemon curd.  1st ever batch.

I also made a lemon tart, which isn't difficult either, however, it is a long winded procedure and so I probably won't make that so often.  The tart that I made yesterday was delicious and there isn't any left! ooops.  I am going to make more lemon curd this weekend I think.

Lemon tart - so yummy.

J has asked for a pet rabbit! groan.  I am not a fan of them myself and I have told him he'll have to wait.  We have friends that breed them for food but I don't think we've eaten rabbit before, if I like it we may do the same, but not at the moment.

Just a few more pictures from the last few days.

Ying and Yang cats

 Winter sky at sunset

View of the hills, from the Albufuera, Sa Pobla

Daisies after dusk.  Taken on a walk with Ruffa.

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