Monday, February 18, 2013


Well, another delay in writing the blog, mainly due to winter illnesses brought on by wood-smoke, mould and a lot of damp!  Mallorca in the winter (mainly February) is never the best place to be, especially if you live in the country.  

The past week has seen a couple of marmalade cakes being devoured, along with cheese & curry savoury biscuits.
The weather has been very on/off, with breaks of sun -which has been quite warm during the day, but also a lot of gloomy cloud, which quite frankly is darn depressing.  HOWEVER... this week we are going to go to the farm down the road to pick up some new plants to pop into the veggie plot.  This should cheer things up a little.

C is outside chopping up the last of our logs so that they will actually fit in the wood burner.  We need to order another load as soon as possible.

We still have loads of oranges and mandarins on the trees and they also need collecting and large batches of marmalade need to be made by C.

All animals at the finca seem to be happy at the moment.  Adolf appears to have recovered and even has some fur growing back around his neck.  We also have another couple of cats that seem to be creeping around, both black, so we will see if they become more friendly or not!

The turkey pen is being cleaned up and we are going to rebuild the turkey house to make it bigger.  No rush though as we don't need to get more turkey's till about July.

The olives are almost ready to pickle but just need a little more time in brine.

Tomorrow I have a trip to Palma, then back to Sa Pobla in time to teach some art and get messy with papier mache!

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