Friday, February 8, 2013


Yesterday I refreshed the water in the olive bin, for the umpteenth time, and then decided they were ready to pop into brine.  I put fresh clean water into the bin and a fresh egg (see a previous post about this if you don't remember) and stirred in lots of salt.  Once the egg popped to the surface I took it out and threw in all the olives.  I will check this every day, removing any scum and then I will change the brine water about every 5 days or so.  We will see what happens.  There seem to be many different ways to do it, so I am doing it MY WAY!  I just hope they don't turn out too bitter!

I was looking online for some labels to print out, for the jars of olives, marmalade etc and found an excellent site.  It is called...


I spent about half an hour messing about with it.  Great fun.  Now all I need to do is make some gummed paper.  Easily done.  Just use NON-flavoured gelatin, dissolve in some warm water and you are ready to paste it onto the back of the paper you are going to use.  I will be printing off the labels first then gumming the backs of the paper, leave to dry and then they are ready to use when you need them.

Today the weather is cloudy, rainy and sunny all at the same time, I have not seen any snow on the mountains today, which is good.  The workers are all out in the lettuce field next door, gathering them up for a local business.

We got two eggs from the hens this morning, which is great as it really is chilly but they are still happy to lay.

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