Sunday, February 3, 2013


The past week has been a little busy - hence no posts!

We have had a wonderful week of bright sunny weather and the temperature during the day even reached a balmy 20 degrees C around Wednesday.  Lovely.  But now, alas, the weather has turned again and we have very cold, strong winds.  Apparently there should be snow on the mountains again this weekend, but it is so dark and cloudy over them, that I haven't been able to see.

We have had a little rain but nothing major yet.  All the cats have been sheltering from the winds.  Living here, amongst the fields, we are a little exposed and all the trees almost bend in half! brrrrrr.  One of the tall palms at the front of the house has lost some of it's branches in the night! They were strewn about the yard when I got up this morning.  Glad no-one was standing under those!

C has been very busy cooking all sorts of lovely things.  He experimented making cheese and curry savoury biscuits, which I have to say didn't last long, really good.  He has also made a pear and ginger loaf, again delicious. It's great having a husband that enjoys cooking - yummy.

Curry and cheese savoury biscuits.  Taste a bit like cheese straws but with a curry spice zing.  Delicious.
C has managed to prune most of the palms and disposed of the branches/leaves on the big fire heap at the front of the property.  It will need setting alight again soon.  

We have all be struck down with nasty colds/coughs so things have slowed a little, but we keep plodding on.  Adolf the cat that has a very nasty wound on his neck, has wriggled his way back into the cat family outside. I am keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn't suffer any more fight wounds for a while.

The hens are still laying, although we are now averaging about 1 per day! not much but at least it's something.  We will have to resort to more supermarket eggs!

Stay tuned......

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